Structure and Criteria of Advanced Drawing Course

This year long course is divided into 4 Quarter sections. Each quarter requires project proposals from each individual student, and attendance of all classes and group critiques. At the end of each quarter each student is required to submit all of the their work from the quarter for videotaping documentation and for evaluation.

In each project proposal students negotiate and ultimately determine their choice of media for each project. Overall this course emphasizes contemporary art practices, ideas and concepts in relation to each student's choice of media. Sometimes media will determine the concept, sometimes concept will determine the media and sometimes the project is determined by both approaches. Either way choices of media and concepts are always interrelated during the development of any project. It is also hoped that in any open media context categories are redefined or new categories are discovered and developed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Gift - Project by Frank Livingston Involving Peformance, Community, Drawing and Gardening

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